How to make a Whiskey Ember for yourself and friends?

This past fall, I ordered a cocktail at a local restaurant that I have not been able to get off my mind. It was basically a spicy Old Fashioned, and the element of heat came from cayenne. It had all the trappings of the familiar classic but with a spicy finish that was a little addictive. Over the next few weeks, I tried to conjure up something similar at home, but I was disappointed every time.

When I purchased a bottle of Royal Rose’s Three Chile simple syrup, it seemed time to try again. Success! This whiskey drink has just the spicy, smoky finish that I was after.

Whiskey Ember

Whiskey Ember Recipe

Makes 1 cocktail

  • 2 oz good whiskey
  • 1/5 oz Royal Rose Three Chile Simple Syrup
  • a couple dashes of cherry bitters

Mix everything in a low ball glass. Give it a good stir. Add ice (I prefer a single big ice cube which melts slowly). Enjoy.

Whiskey Ember