About Us

We are Dulcie and Sarah, two friends in Colorado who love cooking and photography. We created Two Tarts to share simple but delicious recipes that feature seasonal, local ingredients.

We like our recipes to be easy and accessible.  When we're able to make use of fresh-off-the-farm ingredients, simple is best.  We also enjoy trying our hand at making ingredients from scratch, such as almond paste, ketchupricotta, and butter, especially when it saves us some money or tastes better. But don't get us wrong -- we don't make every ingredient from scratch all the time.  

We also dabble in mixology with seasonal cocktails like our pear, vanilla, and vodka cocktail, and we do non-alcoholic beverages as well like honey lavender lemonade. We're slowly building up our home bars which has been an enjoyable learning experience.

{Email us at twotartsblog at gmail dot com.}

Dulcie is an east-coaster married to a west-coaster who has ended up landlocked in beautiful Colorado.  She loves stripes, horses, design, music, and The Wire.

 Sarah came to Colorado by way of Seattle (she missed the sun). She loves animals of all sorts, farm stuff, books, coffee, daydreaming about living in southern France, wine, and bicycle touring.

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