Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gin & Jam Cocktail (plus a giveaway)

We’re really excited about this new cocktail! It’s the best of both worlds – so easy to make, and packed with farm fresh (and interesting) fruit flavors. The secret? A big spoonful of really great jam shaken together with gin, ice, a spritz of lemon, and a little simple syrup.

We highly recommend that you use this as an opportunity to branch out and splurge on a really interesting jam – don’t bother with Smuckers here. In fact, delicious artisan jams are what inspired this cocktail in the first place.

Jam & Gin cocktail 3

Our work over at Colorado Crafted has allowed us to meet quite a few local artisans who are creating amazing food.  It’s our job to sample everything, then pick the very best to include in our boxes (yeah, it’s a tough job). That’s how we were introduced to Modern Gingham – a Denver-based jam company that’s using local produce to create an array of jams with mouthwatering flavors. 

Shall we name a few?  OK!  Blackberry Lavender, Strawberry and Black Pepper, Raspberry Violet, and Rhubarb Vanilla Ginger. I’m just getting started.  Kumquat Lemon Marmalade… OK I’ll stop.  Go check out her flavors, you’ll be drooling.  We also happen to love Kathy, the neuroscientist turned jam maker, so we’ve decided to give away four delicious jars of Modern Gingham Preserves.

Jam & Gin cocktail

Jam & Gin cocktail 2

The flavors we’re giving away are: Sour Cherry, Blueberry Vanilla, Red Onion Jam, and Jalapeno Relish. Retail value of each jar is $10, so this giveaway is valued at $40. Open to US residents only, since we’ll be picking up the bill for shipping.

There are two ways to enter.  Feel free to do both, if you’d like, for two entries:

Jam 2

Jam 1 

Jam & Gin Cocktail

  • 1 Tablespoon jam (pick something interesting, flavorful, & special.  We’ve tried Sour Cherry and Blueberry Vanilla – both excellent)
  • 2 oz gin
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • Ice to serve

Combine jam, gin, lemon, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.  Shake vigorously, then strain and pour over ice.  Garnish with mint and serve.


How to Enter the Giveaway

Win four jars of artisan jam by Modern Gingham (retail value $40). Winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, July 3rd.

Two ways to enter.  Feel free to do both, if you’d like, for two entries:

Jam & Gin cocktail 4


  1. That jam looks amazing! I liked on FB and also commented. :)

  2. Jam and gin cocktail - what an awesome idea! Your photos are fantastic too, ladies. Love your work. I'm in Australia though, so no jam for me.

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