Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rum with Coconut Water & Lime

Have you ever tried a really high quality rum? Until recently we hadn’t had the pleasure.  I didn’t even realize that rum was a spirit that could be appropriate for sipping straight rather than hiding in a daiquiri or some such.  By now you know we’re big supporters of locally made artisanal food, so we were really excited to discover a new distillery in our neck of the woods that is making this lovely rum!


A good rum actually reminds us of Bourbon.  Tesouro has tasting notes of caramel and pepper with a smooth finish.  By the way, that comparison to Bourbon is a major compliment coming from us.  See what I mean?


We didn’t want to mask all that deliciousness with overpowering mixers, so we kept it simple.  Coconut water stays true to rum’s roots without being too tropical and abrasive.  Lime brightens it up and holds it together.  We used one big ice cube per drink – old fashioned style – and were totally pleased with the results. 

One note – I’m obsessed with the brand Taste Nirvana for coconut water.  It has so much light fresh coconut flavor.  I find that other brands taste kind of like water, but this one actually tastes like coconut without being creamy or sweet.  I’m not being paid to say this, I’m just obsessed with Taste Nirvana.  So, I recommend it but it is not mission critical to this cocktail like a high quality rum is!


Rum with Coconut Water & Lime

  • 1.5 ounces high quality rum.  We used a Longmont distilled rum, Tesouro.
  • 1.5 ounces coconut water.  I like Taste Nirvana.
  • Squeeze of lime (approx 1/4 lime)

Pour all ingredients in a lowball cocktail glass, add one large ice cube, and serve.



  1. This looks so refreshing! I just found your blog, and was so excited to see that you're in Colorado! I look forward to reading about local foods and products from you.

    1. Thanks, Jackie! We are glad you found us!

  2. Coconut water is so delicious. I bet it tastes even better with a good rum added! :)
    Now to find myself some good rum in San Diego...

  3. Rum and Coconut Water is very very old news for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
    Try it with your favorite Scotch.


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