Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Fall Cocktails

Leaves are ever so slightly turning color, and mornings have that certain briskness that says fall is coming. What better way to celebrate than with a drink? Here are five cocktails that will help warm your cockles when temperatures begin to drop.

Hot Apple Pie

Cocktail Remedy manages to satisfy our sweet tooth and our alcoholic tendencies in one gulp.

Smoky Martini

Where there's smoke, there's fire... or maybe just a healthy dose of Scotch. This twist on the classic martini from Cold Glass has us intrigued.

Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail

This is our own creation, and this drink tastes like the epitome of fall to us.

Old Fashioned

Esquire calls this the manliest drink to order at a bar, and I'm secure enough in my femininity to be okay with that. Make mine a double.

Squash-Infused Vodka

And now for something completely different... how about some squash-infused vodka? Put that pumpkin patch to some good.


  1. you girls.... We are about to hit spring so Im going backwards but vanilla pear and vodka?! Im off to poison my maple trees so they turn a little red....

  2. Hot cocktails for the cold season, what a lovely idea ! Fall is my favorite time of year, the hot apple pie looks delicious !

  3. These combiantions sounds interesting.They are some awkward combinations but i am sure they will taste delicious.

  4. Thank you for featuring my drink!

    1. You are welcome Nick, we love your site. Keep up the good work!


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