Monday, May 14, 2012

Giveaway: Cuisinart Food Processor!

Our food processors are one of our absolute kitchen essentials. Dulcie uses a Cuisinart, Sarah uses a KitchenAid, and we love them both very much. Big Kitchen recently gave us the opportunity to give away a very nice Cuisinart food processor. We jumped at the chance, because we love ours so much and use them so often. Instructions on how to win are at the bottom of this post.

First, let’s review our top five favorite Two Tarts recipes that require a food processor. You, too, will be able to make these things if you win this giveaway!

Homemade Ketchup

The season for outdoor grilling is here again. We love this all natural and super flavorful version of the classic Heinz version. Recipe here.
homemade ketchup

Homemade Almond Paste

This almond paste has more flavor than the grocery store kind that comes in a tube. It is also be less expensive, and you will rest assured that its three ingredients are not weird chemicals or preservatives: almonds, sugar, and egg whites. Recipe here.
homemade almond paste

Baked Eggs with Crispy Hash Brown Crust

Shred a couple of potatoes in 2 seconds flat and turn them in to golden crispy hash browns. Impress your family and friends with simple to make (but impressive to eat!) brunch where eggs and cheese are baked on top of a homemade hash brown crust. Recipe here.
homemade hashbrown crust

Homemade Harissa

A spicy, garlicky, north African condiment made with sun-dried tomatoes, chilis, spices, and lots of garlic. Good on pretty much anything! Recipe here.
homemade harissa

Mint Sugar

A flavorful, simple recipe that combines sugar with fresh mint leaves. Makes an amazing sugared rim on cocktails, and adds a delicious twist sprinkled on a seasonal fruit salad. Recipe here.
homemade mint sugar

Now, let’s get to the good part: The giveaway! Here she is: the lovely, the shiny, the Cuisinart 9-cup Stainless Steel Food Processor.

Here’s an excerpt of the product description, just to get you all hot and bothered about this beauty:
With its powerful motor, the convenient Cuisinart 9-Cup Stainless Steel Food Processor quickly and easily slices, dices, chops, and purees, helping to reduce prep time in the kitchen. The appliance comes with a large 9-cup work bowl that makes it easy to create an entire meal from scratch.
This is a pretty fancy model, but Big Kitchen carries an entire line of Cuisinart Food Processors, which you can check out here.

Here’s how you enter to win:
  1. Tweet about this contest. Link to this post, and be sure to mention @twotartsblog in the tweet so that we don’t miss it!
  2. Share our Facebook post about this contest. We created a little blurb about this contest over on our Facebook page, all you need to do is share it with your network for an entry into this giveaway. (Make sure to make your post "public" when you share it, so that we can see it!)
  3. If you do both things, you get two entries to win the food processor.
  4. Enter by this Friday, May 18th at 9am MST. We'll let the winner know by the end of Friday.
Thank you Big Kitchen, and good luck to everyone!

Update:  The contest has ended, and the winner is Viviana Rodriguez-Forte.  Congratulations, Viviana!


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