Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top 10 Almond Paste Recipes

Top 10 Almond Paste Recipes

We made a nice big batch of homemade almond paste a few weeks ago.  It tastes delicious and it’s the most fragrant almond paste I’ve ever come across.  Only three ingredients, and multiple times less expensive than imported tubes of the stuff you’d find at the grocery store.  So obviously we began hoarding recipes using almond paste immediately.  This is the result.  Enjoy!

Homemade Almond Paste

Stick to your Teeth Chewy Sugar Cookies

by Food 52
Simple sugar cookies that are made better than usual with their addition of lemon zest and almond paste.

Almond Cream Coffee Cake

by Two Tarts
This decadent yeasted coffee cake is filled with almond cream, topped with crunchy almonds, then drizzled with icing before serving. We served it at a Spring Brunch.
Almond Cream Coffee Cake

Limoncello Macaroons

by 101 Cookbooks
A really simple cookie made from egg whites, almond paste, lemon, and sugar. The flavor of homemade almond paste will really make a difference on this one.

Almond Cake

by David Lebovitz
A dense simple cake, reminiscent of a pound cake but with floral almond aromas. Delicious served with fruit and whipped cream!

Almond Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Picky Palate
Chocolate chip cookies that are spiced up with crunch almonds for texture and almond paste for tons of flavor.

Cherry Almond & Chocolate Mini-Cakes

by Canelle et Vanille
So rich and delicious looking, with just a few quality ingredients.

Dutch Almond Bars

by Whipped the Blog
A traditional treat served at Dutch bakeries.  These little bars have a moist almond filling sandwiched between flaky pastry dough.

Pine Nut Cookies

by Martha Stewart
These Italian cookies are rolled in pine nuts for a unique flavor combination.  As the cookies bake and the pine nuts slowly roast, their flavor deepens.

Almond & Cherry Scones

by Serious Eats, via Nicole Rees of “Baking Unplugged”
Almond paste gives these rich, traditional scones a grown up flair.

Nectarine Almond Tart

by Two Tarts
A moist almond-cake-custard layer topped with fresh sweet nectarines. So pretty, too!

Nectarine Almond Tart

Anyone have any other favorite ways to use almond paste?  Leave a comment!


  1. Oh my - I just found Almond Heaven!


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  3. Oh love all the foods above, very tempting.

  4. I would love to make a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and cocoa-free Almond Bark...does anybody have an idea of how I could do that? I was thinking Almond Paste might be helpful, but not sure as I don't have time to test anything!

    1. Just don't make it. Whats the point?

    2. Just melt vegan carob chips?

  5. Oh my goodness! I want to make them right now. They look so thick and decadent!

  6. Stollen, or almond turnovers. Love me some Dutch treats!

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