Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lemony Spiced Sea Salt

Almost every morning, I make myself an egg and toast. It has practically become a ritual. The toast is usually sourdough, the egg is generally fried (but sometimes scrambled). There may be jam, there may be honey. But six out of seven days a week, I'm eating an egg and toast. (That seventh day? Pancakes!) Today I visited our wonderful local bulk store to pick out some spices, so that I could make my own spiced salt concoction to give my eggs (and whatever else) a little pizzazz.
I had been holding on to one of those spice grinders from Trader Joe's that came pre-filled with mixed spices, but had already been used up. It worked really well for this, but any pepper mill would also fit the bill.
I wanted something fresh and lemony that would work on both egg dishes and pasta dishes (I already used it on some pasta with spinach, dill, and feta this evening) and other spring fare (sprinkled over thinly sliced radishes perhaps?)
What is fun about this, is creating whatever spiced mixture suits your fancy. Cardamom? Cumin? Cinnamon? I stayed a little bit subdued.

Lemony Spiced Sea Salt
  • 2 tbs peppercorns (mine was a mix of different colors)
  • 1 tbs dried lemon zest
  • 1 tbs dried minced garlic

Mix up all of your spices and add to your grinder of choice. You can do your peppercorns a favor and give them a gentle grind in a mortar and pestle first. Not too much, just a little. This helps them to not sink to the bottom as the largest heaviest items. Grind and enjoy.


  1. This looks so pretty...I love spices in jars...

    And your breaky looks amazing...eggs in the morning never gets old.

  2. Sea salt is often touted as a more healthful alternative to ordinary table salt.

  3. Oooh, I just got some yummy French Sea Salt (for salted caramels; haven't made them yet) and just found a recipe for zaatar, so I can use the sumac berries I just HAD to have, but couldn't remember why, LOL! Grocery shopping tomorrow, and last time I was there I noticed they have little spice grinders filled w/peppercorns and such... I can dump those out and mix them in with my new 'recipe'... and make myself and my mom-in-law squishy eggs and toast for breakfast! Thank you sooo much for this luscious idea!!


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