Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 10 Recipes with Mascarpone

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Our batch of homemade mascarpone was a major success.  Not only did it taste exactly like store bought mascarpone minus the preservatives and plastic wrapped containers, it was less expensive to make.  To celebrate, we’ve curated a delicious looking spread of savory and sweet recipes that incorporate mascarpone.  Enjoy!

french toast with mascarpone sq

Topiary Cupcakes with Mascarpone Frosting

by So Domesticated

So lovely!  I’m a big fan of cupcakes with mascarpone frosting.  It’s more rich and less cloyingly sweet than traditional buttercream.


Deviled Strawberries stuffed with spiced Mascarpone

by Quinces and the Pea

A very simple recipe that dazzles with just a few delicious ingredients.


Pumpkin Tart with Mascarpone

by Tartlette

Like tiny spiced pumpkin pies, but topped with whipped sweetened mascarpone !


Fresh Berries & Mascarpone Tart

by Two Tarts

A shortbread cookie crust, very lightly sweetened mascarpone filling, topped with fresh berries.


Lemon Mascarpone Cream Cake

by Not so Humble Pie

A gorgeous layer cake. Tart lemon with creamy mascarpone is a genius combination.


Mushroom Mascarpone Ravioli

by The Doctor’s Dishes, Desserts, and Decor

Earthy mushrooms combined with garlic and mascarpone inside pillows of pasta. 


Au Gratin Potatoes with Mascarpone

by Naturally Ella

An extra rich take on this classic potatoes and cheese dish.


Spinach & Mascarpone Pasta

by Running with Tweezers

Simple, delicious looking, and beautiful pasta dish with an almost-pesto style sauce of spinach and mascarpone.


French Toast with Mascarpone & Rhubarb Compote

by Two Tarts

Perfect for a springtime brunch.  French toast topped with rich mascarpone and a tangy fruit compote.


Creamy Chard, Cannellini, and Mascarpone Risotto

by Green Kitchen Stories

Another great looking & innovative savory use for mascarpone.  Yum!

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