Friday, March 25, 2011

Tequila Sunrise

Remember that homemade grenadine we made a few weeks ago?  Our original use for it was in Jack Rose cocktails (which are delicious by the way), but we didn’t get any photos of those.  Some really awful photos were taken of the Tequila Sunrises we enjoyed during a vaguely Mexican themed baby dinner party last week.

And then I made myself a non-alcoholic Tequila Sunrise during baby naptime yesterday and finally got some pretty pictures.
tequila sunrise 005
I was actually expecting more of a sunrise effect, but I couldn’t quite get it to look as I’d imagined.  After a few tries & failures I gave up and was happy with this very gradual gradation of pink and peach.
tequila sunrise 018
Here are the recipes.
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Tequila Sunrise
- 2 oz tequila
- 4 oz orange juice
- 1 oz grenadine

Pour each ingredient, in the above order, over ice in a highball glass.   Do not stir, and note that the order of ingredients is important.  The first time we tried these we did them in martini glasses with no ice.  As we poured in the grenadine, it pooled perfectly on the bottom in a solid red stripe – no gradation at all.  So watch out!

For my afternoon version of a non-alcoholic Tequila Sunrise, just remove the tequila and increase the orange juice by 2 oz to make up for it.
Non-Alcoholic Tequila Sunrise
- 6 oz orange juice
- 1 oz grenadine

tequila sunrise 029


  1. Looks so refreshing! Did the napper get to taste any!

  2. Poor napper did not get to sample - I drank it all too fast!

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