Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pink Vanilla Salt

Another kick we have been on lately is a fancy salt kick. Dulcie is currently hoarding a glass pot of truffle salt she got in her Christmas stocking, I have spied some sort of green Hawaiian salt on her countertop, and as a gift for giving her diabetic cat insulin over the holidays she gave me some big Himalayan pink salt crystals.
So obviously salt is very exciting and wonderful. Which means we needed to make a delicious new type of salt at home: pink vanilla salt.

It’s surprisingly easy to make. Two ingredients: salt & a vanilla bean.
vanilla salt

We used pink for its obvious cuteness, but you could use any salt you like.  I’d recommend against really large crystals of salt because it’ll be more difficult to get the tiny vanilla seeds to disperse evenly throughout bigger pieces of salt.

Combine the salt and vanilla, then mix well using a spoon to break up the vanilla seed clumps. I was the designated mixer in this complicated operation, and as I hacked away at the salt and vanilla I realized that we will probably have to invest in a video camera and sound equipment pretty soon here. Because let me tell you – I have some amazing cooking charisma and advice to share with you. Video is the only practical way to convey these types of gems:
“Now, you just use this spoon to mix up the salt and vanilla. In this bowl here.”
“Don’t worry that the vanilla beans start off looking like little…turds. That is only temporary.”
“Ew, what is going on here? Is this going to be pretty? Hm…just keep mixing.  Like so.”
vanilla salt

Luckily for us, it DID end up pretty! We have exciting plans to sprinkle this atop homemade caramels. And shortbread cookies. Perhaps some sweet & salty roasted almonds. Etc, etc, etc!
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Pink Vanilla Salt
1/4 cup fine grained salt (we used Himalayan Pink)
1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped out of bean
Combine salt & vanilla bean seeds in small bowl and mix until well incorporated.  I used the spoon to target little clumps of seeds that wanted to stick together, and broke them up into the salt.

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